Art of Healing – Spirituality and food energy

All natural solutions to disease lead in one direction
vibration, vibration, vibration.
subjects like herbs, oils, energy treatments, chakras,
leeds straight to spiritual and subtle energies. All treatments and disease
solutions all lead to the same place. The concept of “higher vibrations” led
directly to the “vibration of love.”

we were able to sense the energy coming from the food and the organics did seem to
have a much greater energy than the rest of the “regular” food. To self-test this, simply
place your open hand over the food 6 inches or so above the item and as you move closer and farther from the food,
sense the energy — you will feel it in the palm or maybe in the
I used our Reike-like technique for the initial tests just as I described above.

Spiritual Energy of Food
Jon W. Hester


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I am a spirit having human experience
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