awakening to love…

awakening to love…

I heard my call
loud and clear
angelic voice in my ear
I shattered first
joy…or fear …?
all I know that I am healed
I am free…
I am me
I am destined to just BE 

I paint colors of love light and peace
on canvas of  my master piece
with God ‘s grace and  bliss
I am blessed in his kiss

crystal is eye
she channels art through my I
when spirit flies  so high …

so …  I sit here in this space
my only one n only place
feeling the bits of my own heart
aligns with my  cosmic stars

did I tell you …
my love resides amongst the stars…?
his naught a man or a hu man
he s  loving super hu man
his name is Love
I remember ….

he always been
the flame inside
he lifts me up
he loves to dance
he makes me laugh
he is so kind
he is my King
I am the Q in
in all I dream…

so … here I am awake n dream
I am alive … in every life
in every breath
every bit of my heart
I am all one
with only one

and I feel him
he can see me
I can feel it

I am In love
in love with  Love….

my love resides amongst the stars
inside His heart there is a light
the light in him is so bright
and I love him
his love  is real
he is my life
ny other half
and we are One
in this realm …



About silentf8

I am a spirit having human experience
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