Review: The True Power Of Water By Masaru Emoto


Masaru Emoto discusses the magical healing power of water, as seen in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know?

This is the review of Japanese paperback version of The True Power Of Water by Masaru Emoto.

According to the preface, he edited part of the book from its original Japanese publication, so please take that in account. When I mentioned his work in my post, I found many people were interested in it, so I decided to study more, and I’m utilizing my bilingual skill here.

Pseudo-science by a con man with degree-mill “Dr”?

To be fair, Dr. Emoto‘s theory that water can understand verbal messages and change according to the message, and that water that is retoned with positive message has healing power, is not necessarily accepted in the current science. Masaru Emoto admits many attempts by others to replicate the result have failed. He takes photographs of the water crystals by freezing the retoned water, as seen in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?, but this is not considered to be sufficient evidence by some.

Further, Masaru Emoto is not a scientist by training. He was a businessman who was involved in the import of alternative healthcare devices. Through many turns, he met with a scientist who was studying water and was introduced to a device that measures the vibrational resonance of the body. With a few more ups and downs, he started experimenting for a way to show the difference of water – which lead to his photos of water crystals.

While his staff includes scientists with appropriate educational background, and some doctors and college professors support his theory, Masaru Emoto is not a scientist. His doctoral degree comes from an unaccredited institution. And he is still a businessman to some extent – he is good at marketing, like making the word “hado”, a Japanese word for vibration, into an English acronym: Healing And Discovering Ourselves. He sells lots of things on his websites, one is here, another, and Japanese website. (I’m including these links because you can see some of those beautiful photos there.)

So, if you want to reject anything that is unorthodox or commercialized, this is not for you. Also, if you judge theory by the person who advocates it, well, he seems to be a kind person to me, but I do wish he didn’t get that degree just for the marketing purpose, so feel free to criticize him.

Or is he going beyond the limitation of current science?

As for me, I don’t really care about his degree. If something works, then it works, even if the person who teaches it is a jerk. The theory and the person are two separate entities. (I’m not saying Mr. Masaru Emoto is a jerk – on the contrary, I’m impressed with his repeated loving mention of his wife and his commitment to is work)

He maintains that he could do this innovative work because he was not conditioned with authoritative science education. I see his point. Current science is far from perfection. True scientists know there are so much more to explore, so much we don’t know yet. The educators, however, are authoritative and only accept what is proven. In any fields, education is behind the front line by several decades.

I don’t think we even have a complete frame of reference to understand the vastness and multi-dimensional nature of the Universe. So there are many phenomena that can’t be fully explained by the current science, and many people dismiss them as “unscientific” — which is the most unscientific approach because science is there to explain things, rather than ignoring what can’t be explained and thus limiting our understanding.

How to make your own healing water

Okay, enough discussion about the validity of his work. Here is his quick and easy way to bring out the potential healing power of the water you drink:

  1. Needless to say, start with good water. But this can be tricky. Not all spring waters are created equal. Distilled water is another good option. Or you can use tap water.
  2. Put the water in a clear container.
  3. Type or write the words you like on a piece of paper, and stick it to the bottle of water facing the water (so that the water can read it.) You can use affirmation like “I have recovered from XXXX (your ailment)” or words such as “Love and Gratitude”.
  4. Occasionally shake the bottle of water. He insists this is a critical step.
  5. Say gratitude or affirmation aloud to the water when you drink it. Of course, you can talk to the water anytime you notice. Or you can pray to it.

Masaru Emoto thinks the water that read “Love and Gratitude” makes the most beautiful crystal, physically showing its power. He says “Love is the giving of energy and Gratitude is the receiving of energy. The two makes the complete exchange of energy in the Universe.”

More about the miracle of water . . .

I just couldn’t put down the book. It’s fascinating. I find it so interesting that water is multi-lingual. He showed “Thank you” in several languages to the water, and although each forms different crystals, they are all beautiful. I guess the water picks up the energy of the word, the intention behind the expression. (So if English is your second language and you feel more comfortable with your first language, go use it to make the healing water.)

Water also responds to beautiful music and pictures. It especially likes classic music played by full orchestra. Masaru Emoto thinks this is because each instrument has different resonance and their harmony reinforces each other. If you are a musician, why don’t you sing to your water to personalize it?

He says the cleansing and energizing of the water by positive messages is different from clearing the water physically by filter. It’s done at different level.

The Law of Attraction and the power of water

The Law of Attraction states that everything, including our thoughts, has vibration, and a vibration attracts its vibrational match. And because we, as humans, can think, we can change our vibration by changing our thoughts, which results in attracting different people, things and events.

Masaru Emoto shows that water changes according to the message we give it. When we say affirmation to the water, the water change and acquire the nature that enables the actualization of the affirmation. I think this is a great way to utilize the Law of Attraction.

I wonder . . . is it just the water that changes according to the message? Isn’t it more reasonable to think that everything changes according to the message – it’s just the change of water is easy to observe due to its simple molecular structure?

What do you think? Let me know by leaving your comment!


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