contact in the desert… june 3-5,2011

Calling all Abductees, Contactees, Ufologists, Starseeds and those who love them!  Join us for the most fun and exciting event this year!  You won’t want to miss this.  We have a jam packed weekend full of informative speakers, exciting and interactive events and some of the greatest vendors around all brought together in one of the most sacred sites in California.  Meet and mingle with people from all over who share and understand your beliefs.

Hosted by officers and members of MUFON LA, Contact in the Desert is an event meant to unite and celebrate extraterrestrial contactees and abductees and those generally interested in the UFO phenomenon.  Our goal is to bring the community together for support and fellowship while educating and updating attendees on the latest information on the phenomenon.  Please take a look at our Guests and Events pages for more information.



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I am a spirit having human experience
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