the man with no name


the man with no name


he really did not know his name

nor did he care much

for titles were such

that contained the essence of presence


he heard a universal music playing

they told him it was within his soul

he smiled

and went back to silence

and listened to the Melody of life

strumming the strings of his heart

as if he was a cosmic guitar

there for the plucking


yes he was in harmony with self

and self was in harmony with all else


he did not like to think much

for thinking brought

or should i say took him away

from the beauty

the divinity

he so lovingly loved to embrace


and in the face of reality

he congenially fled

to that place

where the dead came to life

and they danced together

in a knowing of a grander existence

just beyond the insistence

of here


and somehow

he was alright with this reclusive


and if by chance

should you see him about

please do not shout

giving away your chi

just silently be

and enjoy the music

of the man with no name



© 11 April 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


About silentf8

I am a spirit having human experience
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